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    Microhaus Lite brings the future of compact, sustainable living straight to your backyard. This meticulously engineered 120 sq. ft. studio unit epitomizes modern efficiency and design, offering a full suite of amenities within its cleverly optimized space. Here's what makes the Microhaus Lite not just a living space but a dynamic lifestyle solution:

    Fully Furnished and Ready to Live: The Microhaus Lite is designed to be move-in ready, eliminating the hassle of furnishing. It comes fully equipped with:
    A comfortable twin XL bed, ensuring restful sleep.
    A full-size shower and flushing toilet, blending convenience with comfort.
    A dedicated working area complete with a table and chair for productivity.
    Ample natural light and ventilation, thanks to thoughtfully placed windows, adorned with curtains for privacy.
    Integrated Systems for Ultimate Comfort: The unit features advanced systems to ensure a comfortable, safe, and sustainable living environment:
    Energy-efficient HVAC system for optimal temperature control.
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